Marcus Alexander is a 32 year old Puerto Rican from Chicago, IL. He is a Hip Hop Artist, Actor, Voiceover Talent, and Event Host. He has had 5 of his songs played on Jamie Foxx’s Sirius XM Radio Station “The Foxxhole”, and his last mixtape “#ShareThePositivity” was hosted by Jamie Foxx’s Dj, DJ MicahPhoneChecka. He has acted in 13 Independent Films since 2014, and is signed to Desanti Talent Agency in Chicago, IL as a Voiceover Artist.

“As a mixing engineer, it makes it much easier when the artist is well crafted and polished, which Marcus Alexander exactly is.”
– Excel “Coach” Cruz (Head Engineer at Jungle AE Studios in Chicago, IL)

“Marcus does an extraordinary job in portraying his roles. He makes every gesture, movement, and dialogue very believable.”
– John H. Gomez (Director of Family First)

Marcus’ story is one of pain and growth. He has overcome many obstacles and shares that growth throughout every avenue of creativity he can. He has undergone 3 years of intense psychotherapy to get to the root causes of several traumatic events in his life and shares his experience with mental health through his music. He describes his music as “lyrical therapy” and wants to help people who have gone through things that he has gone through. His tagline #ShareThePositivity defines his motives. He wants to stir up a movement of positivity that people can own and share with the world. His music is unique in his message, delivery, and diction. People always compliment Marcus’ music on the fact that they can understand every word that he raps. Marcus always stands out on stage with his mature wardrobe, which almost always includes suit jackets. He may not look like your average rapper, but when he opens his mouth, all doubt leaves the room.

Marcus just released "The Marcus Alexander EP" in January 2019, which can be found on all streaming platforms. He’s also filming several Independent Films in Chicago. Not only is Marcus a great musician, but he’s also unique in just about everything he does. Join the #ShareThePositivity movement and follow Marcus Alexander on all of his social media platforms, as well as signing up for his mailing list on this website. Stay tuned while Marcus Alexander becomes a household name, and as always, #ShareThePositivity!


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